Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bring it on, 2013!!

My, oh my! How the bloomin' heck can it be 2013 already?!? Time really does fly.. whether you're having fun or not! ;)

Once again, apologies for the delay in posting. Since the last post, we have moved, and whilst it is taking a little while for us to settle, I know we are now in the right place, after a few years of moving around. Once I've gotten my yarn storage situation sorted out, (more on that another day), I will feel even better!

At the last count, I had ten WIPs in my basket*, which is a few too many, I feel. I have a bit if a problem with having too many ideas and not enough hands to hook with! I also have a bit of a yarn addiction - not sure if anyone can relate to that? - which means there are always lots of yummy colours and textures screaming out to be transformed into a beautiful object.

I have finished a few things, but the temptation to start something new overtakes me, especially when I get my hands on some new yarn, and becomes even greater if that new yarn happens to be variegated! Speaking of which, I am sure there is a Noro-esque blanket a-calling my name. Toodle-pip for now! :)

*Basket = strewn in corners in bags

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