Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rainbow Granny Stripe Blanket - Pattern

Ok, so here is my first 'proper' written crochet pattern. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Obviously, you can choose whichever colours you like, but for the sake of explaining the colour-way properly, I am going to stick with the rainbow colours.

(All crochet terms used are UK terms)
(US terms in [italics])
Using the first colour (red) make Foundation Chain. It needs to be a multiple of 3, plus 1 extra stitch.

Row 1 - Work 1dc [1sc] into 2nd chain from the hook. Work 1dc [1sc] into each chain. Turn.

Row 2 - Ch 3, then work 1tr [1dc] into the first stitch. *Skip 2 st, then 3tr [3dc] into next st*. Repeat from * until last st. Work 2tr [2dc] into last st. Turn.

Row 3 - Ch 3, then work 1tr [1dc] into the first chain space. Then work 3tr [3dc] into each ch sp, apart from very last one. Into this one work 2tr [2dc], then work 1tr [1dc] into the top ch of the ch 3 of the previous row. Turn.

Row 4 - Ch 3, then work 1tr [1dc] into first ch sp. Work 3tr [3dc] into each ch sp, as row 3. Finish row as before. Fasten off. Turn.

Row 5 - Join second colour (orange) and follow as row 4. Fasten off. Turn.

Row 6 - Join first colour (red) and follow as row 4. Fasten off. Turn.

Row 7Join second colour (orange) and follow as row 4. Fasten off. Turn.

Row 8 - Join first colour (red) and follow as row 4. Fasten off. Turn.

Row 9Join second colour (orange) and follow as row 3. Turn.

Row 10 - Ch 3, follow as row 3. Turn.

Row 11 - Ch 3, follow as row 3. Fasten off.

Row 12 - Join third colour (yellow) and follow as row 4. Fasten off.

Row 13 - Join second colour (orange) and follow as row 4. Fasten off.

Row 14 - Yellow

Row 15 - Orange

Row 16 - Yellow

Row 17 - Yellow

Row 18 - Yellow

Row 19 - Green

Row 20 - Yellow

Row 21 - Green

Row 22 - Yellow

Row 23 - Green

Row 24 - Green

Row 25 - Green

I think it should make sense how it goes now.

You see how simple it is? And how wonderful it looks? Aaahh... grand... :)

Please let me know if you have a go at making one.. I would very much love to see the results!

Please feel free to use my patterns to make items for yourself, as gifts, or to sell. All I ask is that you do not republish the pattern as your own, and if you post pics of items you have made from my patterns, then please mention me and my blog. :) Thank you!


Donna Gorske said...

Thank you for this pretty pattern, I'll have to try it once my projects for the holidays are complete :)

Fiona said...

You are so clever making up your own patterns...thank you for doing it. LOVE the effect, and intrigued by Patons Smoothie too now.

Flippity said...

Thank you so much! Please let me know how you get on and send me a pic (or 2!) :)

Flippity said...

Thanks, Fiona, but in reality I'm not clever enough to read others' patterns! That's why I ended up doing my own!

Nicole said...

What a fab variation of the granny stripe! Love the way the colours blend into each other :)

Flippity said...

Thank you muchly, Nicole! I love playing around with colour and stripes :)

wendy said...

Wonderful blanket, thankyou for sharing and will have a go once I have completed some of the many things I am doing lol,
Crochet is very addictive which is good ☺

molly said...

This is a beautiful pattern. I can't wait to try it. I wonder if I'll manage to wait until I finish the projects I'm already working on or will I jump right in and start a new blanket. This is so gorgeous I just may put my other projects on the back burner for a while. Thank you!

Faith said...

Found you thru ravelry, this blanket is gorgeous! I love the way it merges, it's a little like a pixalated sunset.....fab!

Karen Cheetham said...

Hi love the blanket... not being weird or owt but if you are on facebook look out for a group called zebra friends and the crafty zebra group, we all have long term medical conditions, many of which are connected to EDS, POTS etc etc
Karen :)

Nicola Trumbull said...


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Lori said...

Thank you for sharing. We have printed off the pattern for the Rainbow Grannie. My Daughter has Lupus and like you needs to help with the control of the pain. She also uses crochet as a means to help her stress. Thanks for taking the time to post and help others. Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year for you and your family.

Lori said...

I am back . I hate to ask but I am struggling with the pattern. Has anyone done this?? I know the US terms and can totally follow those. But the third row ??? I see the logic of the shells being in the row below. I loved this pattern and am really wanting to figure this challenge out. Please please and Thank you!!!!

Flippity said...

Hi Lori, I have sent you an email. xxx

Anonymous said...

very nice pattern i am new to crochet but i am going to have a go at this blanket in baby colours thanks very much jayne

vicky said...


Blue Llama said...

Hi! I finished an afghan using your pattern and I have posted it on ravelry. It was a great and easy pattern to do and I am really happy with how it turned out. Thank you for sharing!!

Brenda Lakin said...

I can't wait to try this pattern. One of the many things I like about it is the fact that it is not a real open stitch which I do not like to use for blankets. I prefer a pattern that is more solid for afghans. Thanks for the great instructions. I used to make up stitches and I don't think I could have explained them! Brenda Lakin

g said...

How much yarn did it take to complete this blanket and what are the dimensions? Thank you in advance!!