Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rainbows, stripes & grannies!

Firstly, apologies for it being so long since my last (and only!) post. My router blew up during a storm a few months ago - it really did go 'BANG!!!' - and it has taken me a stupidly long time to sort out obtaining a new one. I haven't stopped hooking, in fact I've been doing a lot more, and I am enjoying it more than ever! I have definitely found my 'thang', after a long time looking..

I started and finished a blanket for my new nephew, Mog. He does have a 'real' name, but his 'bump' name appears to be sticking, for the moment anyway! I'm not that good at following patterns, so I devised my own, using rainbow colours in rows of treble crochet, with a row of cream in double crochet between each colour. I then added a border of cream, with three teal ruffled edges. I left the top edge unruffled. It's just the right size for Mog when he's in his car-seat. My sister said it's the blanket they use the most!

Mog with his blanket. You can just make out the ruffled edge.
I used Patons Smoothie DK to make it, and let me tell you, I have fallen head over heels for this yarn! It's an acrylic, yet feels like cotton. It is lovely to work with, and the 100g balls seem to last forever! I highly recommend it, especially if you are new to crochet.

I am also using the Smoothie DK to make another rainbow blanket, this time in a Granny-stylee! This is my Attic24-inspired 'Rainbow Granny Blanket'..

I have to say, this is my favourite piece of work thus far! It is so easy to get lost whilst hooking this and I find it very hard to put down. I posted a photo of it today on Ravelry, and have had a couple of people ask how to do the colour-way, so I decided I would make this my very first 'proper' written pattern. I will put it in a separate post, so that it will be easier to print out.

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